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Corporate Social Responsibility
As a manifestation of our commitment to accelerate the improvement of community welfare, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk supports and implements a series of programs that are aimed to deliver benefits to the surrounding neighborhood as well as general public.

  • Educational Support by Sharing of Industry and Business Knowledge
    PT Trias Sentosa Tbk takes on a vigorous role in supporting education by giving internship opportunities to promising University students as a mean to introduce them to the real business world. On multiple occasions, our very own selected experts are asked  by universities to present lectures as well as share their best practices and valuable working experiences to students in the hope of promoting knowledge and learning.
  • Health Care
    The Company realizes the utmost importance of health care services for the public’s wellbeing. Some of its continuous efforts to promote health care include regular blood donations to the Red Cross and free medical check-ups for the residents of the surrounding community. Through these efforts, we hope to ultimately contribute in the improvement of the community’s living quality.
  • Solidarity Actions
    To encourage a caring and giving culture, the Company involves itself in various social activities. Emergency response in the form of endowment is extended in timely manner to the victims of natural disaster. Basic necessities are also frequently distributed to the less fortunate in the community surrounding the Company.
  • Fire Brigade Support
    In the unfortunate events of fire, the Company’s fire brigade teams are trained to promptly respond and actively provide immediate aids to the victims.

Caring for the Community
We implement a series of programs that include educational support, health care, solidarity actions and fire brigade support.

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