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During the past twenty years since its IPO, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk has been experiencing noteworthy financial achievements. These successes not only bring numerous benefits for the stockholders but also strengthen the company's position among the most competitive film manufacturers in Indonesia.
July 1990 : The Company began its Initial Public Offering (IPO) by offering 3 million shares to the public.
November 1992 : The Company issued bonus shares from additional paid-in-capital of 32 million shares, which increased total issued and fully paid capital to 48 million shares.
November 1993 : The shareholders approved the increase of issued and fully paid capital to 96 million shares through Rights Issue.
November 1996 : The Company split its shares nominal value from Rp 1.000 to Rp 500 per share (stok split) and issued bonus shares from the additional paid-in capital of 96 million shares, which increased issued and fully paid capital to 288 million shares.
May 2000 : The Company distributed stock dividens of 144 million new shares from retained earnings and changed its shares nominal value from Rp 500 to Rp 100 per share (stock split), which increased issued and fully paid capital to 2.16 billion shares.
November 2003 : The stockholders’ meeting approved the increase in issued and fully paid  capital to 2.808 billion shares through Right Issue.
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Date January 01, 1970
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Through enhanced Vision and Mission, we strive to be the best in the industry.

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