Trias Sentosa Increased Production of 30 Thousand Tons of BOPP Film

This year, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk will start the fourth quarter by increasing the volume of production of BOPP Film products. From the initial 52,000 tons per year to 82 thousand tons per year, in line with the operation of the Lini VI BOPP expansion project with a capacity of 30 thousand tons per year with an investment of US $ 30 million. The aim is, among others, that PT Trias Sentosa can boost the company's sales both in the domestic and export markets.

In addition to supporting sales, PT Trias Sentosa also added a metalizing machine, increased warehouse capacity and SAP system up-grade as one of the total investment projects of US $ 8 million that was operated this year. We are optimistic that this year there will be a 6% growth and will record sales of IDR 450 billion for the first quarter of this year.

Source: https://www.beritasatu.com/emiten/111381-trias-sentosa-tambah-produksi-bopp-film-30-ribu-ton.html

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