PT Trias Sentosa Acquisition of Companies in China, and is in the Process of Due Diligence

PT Trias Sentosa is one of the BOPP BOPET film plastic packaging companies that has created the best value for all the most reliable customers both nationally and internationally. And to meet the increasing plastic packaging needs of BOPP BOPET films every year, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk will acquire BOPP companies in China through its subsidiary in Singapore. The investment value for this acquisition is estimated at US $ 5.5 million. The production capacity of the acquired company is 15,000 per ton with a 2006 sales value of US $ 23.5 million.

Source: https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-785444/trias-sentosa-akuisisi-perusahaan-di-cina

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