End of 2019, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. Polyester Factory Will Start Production

The Polyester factory which will become one of the factories of PT Trias Sentosa will begin production by the end of 2019. President Director PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. Sugeng Kurniawan said, currently the construction or construction of PT Trias Toyobo Astria (TTA) and PT Toyobo Trias Ecosyar (TTE) factories is ongoing. Some machines have also arrived, though not all because they are still in process at the vendor.

Sugeng Kurniawan believes that the installation and commissioning of the machine is planned to be completed in the third / 2019 quarter. Furthermore, the two companies will start operations in the fourth quarter of 2019.

PT TTA was formed by PT Trias Sentosa to produce and distribute polyester film sheet products for domestic and export. Meanwhile, PT TTE was formed to produce and distribute polyester film derivative products mainly for the export market and is possible for the domestic market.

In addition to focusing on completing the construction of the factory, this year the company allocated Rp58 billion from internal funds to purchase converting machines. Meanwhile, in the previous year, we also allocated a capital expenditure of Rp150 billion to purchase 3 metalizing machines.

Source: https://market.bisnis.com/read/20190225/192/893167/pabrik-poliester-trias-sentosa-tbk.-trst-mulai-produksi-akhir-2019

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