We are one of the biggest major manufacturer of flexible packaging film manufacturer producing BOPP & PET Film Products. PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. has a worldwide sales and distribution network, from Indonesia to Asian countries and the Middle East. For decades since its first establishment at 1979, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk has been upholding the tradition of Innovation and Excellence that builds the company's reputation in the flexible packaging films industry. The company sets innovation development, creativity, and continuous productivity enhancement as the basis of sustainable business growth.


Our ASTRIA brand penetrate the worldwide market through strong product quality and excellent commitment in services

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As a commitment towards perfection and quality, we comply to the International Standard Quality. We keep up to the latest standard and qualification through scheduled improvement and we aim to be at the top of the standard.

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13 July 2023
Disclosure Information
06 January 2022
Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy Data ...
06 January 2022
Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Policy ...
23 November 2021
Materi Public Expose 2021
Download: Materi...
14 November 2021
Pemberitahuan Rencana Public Expose 2021
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20 May 2021
Penipuan Rekrutmen
Pemberitahuan ini dibuat sebagai...
23 November 2020
Public Expose Material
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12 November 2020
Announcement of Annual Public Expose Plans of PT. Trias Sentosa Tbk
Pemberitahuan Rencana Paparan Publik (Public Expose) Tah...
08 November 2019
Opening Ceremony Joint Venture Pt Trias Toyobo Astria Pt Toyobo Trias Ecosyar
PT Trias Sentosa Tbk dan Toyobo Co.Ltd. meresmikan Pabrik Joint...
25 February 2019
End of 2019, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. Polyester Factory Will Start Production
The Polyester factory which will become one of the factories of PT Trias Sentosa will begin...
17 December 2018
PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. Ready To Absorb The Results of Unilever Recycling Plant
Unilever Indonesia plans to build a recycling plant for flexible plastic waste or sachets i...
13 July 2018
The Best Quality Film Delivering PT Trias Sentosa Tbk. Drove to Conquer Asian Markets
As the largest producer of the largest flexible packaging film BOPP & PET Film Products...
14 August 2017
Trias Sentosa Increases Capacity by Forming 2 New Companies
To increase capacity to produce many products with higher added value, PT Trias Sentosa is...
27 July 2017
Form of New Subsidiaries, PT Trias Sentosa Optimistic Can Expand The Export Market
PT Trias Sentosa with the President Commissioner of the Kindarto Kohar Company formed a new...
01 May 2013
Trias Sentosa Increased Production of 30 Thousand Tons of BOPP Film
This year, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk will start the fourth quarter by increasing the volume of pr...
10 June 2012
Brief History of PT Trias Sentosa, Tbk.
We are one of the largest major producers of flexible packaging film manufacturers that produ...
27 May 2007
PT Trias Sentosa Acquisition of Companies in China, and is in the Process of Due Diligence
PT Trias Sentosa is one of the BOPP BOPET film plastic packaging companies that has creat...